Rules of conduct during the COVID-19 epidemic

In our Clinics, we care about maintaining hygiene standards. The safety of our patients and employees remains the most important for us, which is why we have introduced additional precautions.

Patience and forbearance are obligatory ;-) Certainly it is a difficult period for everyone and only after some time we will learn to function according to the new rules without blinking an eye and without stress, that's why we count on your understanding and cooperation with the Clinic's staff.

We ask all visitors to comply with the following recommendations:

Mandatory booking:
– we limit the number of people visiting us every day, so advance booking is mandatory. We cannot carry out examinations to people who have not booked the date before.
– we invite you to register online or by phone at +48 22 448 47 77.

– which also means we kindly ask you not to come ahead of time :-)

Temperature measurement:
– at the entrance to the Clinic, we measure the temperature of each person

Obligation to wear a face mask:
– applies to all persons in outpatient clinics
(Patients and Employees) excluding children under 4 years of age

Mandatory hand disinfection:
– we provide disinfectant fluid at the entrance to the Clinic

Keeping the right distance - min. 1,5m:
– please keep a recommended distance from other people

Children are invited with one parent / guardian, and adults – without accompanying persons

Using the toilet:
– before using the toilet, make sure with our employee that it has already been disinfected after the previous person

Own pen:
– remember to take your pen and do not lend it to other patients

Preferred contactless payments:
– we will be grateful for making contactless payments (by payment card / telephone / watch)

We have also properly prepared our Staff, asking (among others) for:

Use of protective clothing:
– Our staff is equipped not only with masks, but also with all other recommended protection measures, appropriate to the function performed

Disinfection of equipment and surfaces with which the patient contacts:
– after each patient

Regular ventilation of rooms (by opening a window or setting the appropriate ventilation mode)

Rooms disinfection with UVC lamps at the end of each work day