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At our Clinic you can hold your aviation medical examination in one day!

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What kind of medical examination do you need?

At ALERGO-MED Aviation Clinic, experienced Aviation Medical Examiners conduct tests to determine any contraindication to perform the duties of pilots, parachutists, air traffic controllers and other crew members in accordance with the health requirements for Class 1, 2, 3, CC, and LAPL set in Aviation Law regulations (art. Paragraph 104. 2 and Art. 95 paragraph . 5 of the Act of 3 July 2002) and EASA Part.MED. In Warsaw we conduct:

a)initial medial examinations for class 2, Medical Report (Cabin Crew), qualification certificate and LAPL

b)periodic (renewal) and occasional medical examinations for class 1, class 2, class 3, Medical Report (Cabin Crew), qualification certificate and LAPL

c)occupational medicine examinations

In case you are still not sure, which medical examinations are for you, please contact us:

What should you expect during the examinations?

It is good to reserve the first part of your day for all the examinations. Below kindly find an example of the examinations schedule.

Initial and periodic examinationsRegistration | 7:30 - 8:30 AM
Collection of blood and urine samples | 7:30 - 8:30 AM
Ophtalmologist exam
Laryngologist exam
Aviation medical examination
Certificate issue | around 1:00 PM

Occasional examination processThe scope of examination depends on advice of Aviation Medical Examiner and on the type of cause for the examination.
The scope of examination in individual cases may be extended if the aviation medical examiner deems it necessary. This also may cause differences in the pricing of the occasional examination.

We invite you to plan your next visit up to 45 days before your last medical certificate’s expiry date.

The schedule described above and the scope of examinations is an example only. The scope of examinations can be expanded / changed in case your Aviation Medical Examiner considers it is necessary. In such case, the schedule of examination might also change and in extreme cases, conduction all examination during one day may not be possible.

How one should prepare?

Before your visit it is good to remember about a couple of things:

Please remember to bring your identiy card. Due to the planned laboratory testing please come on an empty stomach.

It is important to rest well before the exams, do not drink alcohol (24h) and eat sensibly.

Please also remember to bring your last aviation medical certificate with you. It is necessary for the exam in case your last examination has been performed at another clinic.

Airlines employees are reminded to bring a referral from their employer together with complete invoicing data.

Please feel free to register any day (Mon. – Fri.) from 7:30 to 8:30.

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What is new at ALERGO-MED Aviation?

Changes in the organization of aviation medical examinations starting 23/03/2020

From tomorrow, the general organization of aviation and occupational medicine examinations in our clinic is changing. We will accept a very limited number of people each day. Therefore, we also introduce the need to book a date for your examination earlier. You can sign up by phone at the following telephone numbers: 22 448 47 77 and +48 575 325 649. We draw your attention to the fact that while booking a date we set a specific time to start your visit - please be punctual. We will also inform every person calling us about the remaining changes in the examinations process and the additional precautions we have taken. At the same time, we promise that we will call back people, who have already been in contact with us to arrange a convenient date for their ecaminations (no need to call again).


From now on, we have launched a special phone number that you can call if you need to perform periodic aviation medical examinations Class 1, Class 3 or cabin crew in the coming days and you need it for work, and despite the epidemiological situation you are still performing aerial activities.

We will try to work out individually with everyone the optimal solution during this difficult period.

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +48 575 325 649

We ask you to use this number only for professionals who need to fly and urgently need medical examinations due to their work. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

No examinations in the week of March 16th

Due to the epidemiological situation, out of concern for your welfare, as well as our employees, we decided to temporarily suspend activities related to occupational and aviation medicine examinations already in the coming week. Thus, from March 16 to March 20, we will not conduct examinations in this area. Further steps are going to be announced in the coming days. We would like to apologize to the people already registered and we promise that they are the first to whom we will contact to resume the examinations. It is a very difficult decision for us, because we have always tried to be at your disposal without restrictions on the circumstances.

We count on your understanding.

Wishing you peace and health,
the ALERGO-MED Aviation Team

Follow the messages on our website and facbook. If you have additional questions, we are at your disposal via Messenger, e-mail: recepcja@badanialotniczolekarskie.pl and by phone: 22 448 47 77.

Coronavirus in Poland - a request to candidates

Due to the presence of coronavirus in Poland, in the interests of joint health safety, we recommend and kindly ask you NOT TO VISIT OUR CLINIC IF YOU (and / or children) HAVE INFECTION SYMPTOMS of the respiratory tract, fever, runny nose, cough. It is even more important to respect our request for people who have recently returned from regions with increased incidence of coronavirus.

To arrange a new date for your examinations, please contact us via phone 22 448 47 77. We remind you of the special hotline launched by the National Health Fund under the number 800 190 590. We also encourage you to follow the current Chief Sanitary Inspectorate's alerts: https://gis.gov.pl/kategoria/aktualnosci/.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

Contact – where you will find us?

ul. Franciszka Marii Lanciego 12 (lok. U7/8)

02-792 Warszawa

Tel.: +48 22 448 47 77

Mail: recepcja@badanialotniczolekarskie.pl

ATTENTION! We work differently than usual during the epidemic state. Booking is required. More information in our news. ATTENTION!